At FlatMatch, we believe that finding suitable flats and compatible flatmates don’t have to be a daunting task…

Our Founders Paresh Bansod and Buddhabhushan Naik experienced hassles of finding flat and flatmates personally.
They tried every possible solution from property aggregators, co-living solutions, and even Facebook groups.
They realized there was no complete solution. 
They researched the competition, talked to users, and finally came up with the idea of FlatMatch.
No one willingly wants to pay brokerage and making a brokers-free platform was our priority.
Current solutions were providing either flat search or flatmate search options. We are one of the few platforms to have both. 
There is less focus on the inter-personal relationships between roommates on other platforms. 
We are using a proprietary roommate matching algorithm to make sure you have a pleasant experience with your future roommate
We believe that this is just a beginning. Our mission is to become the best one-stop solution for the rental housing market. 
We are dedicated to our mission and will keep on working on that every single day.

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